Why Perform Maintenance on your HVAC Unit?

Saves Money
Dirty burners, improper refrigerant levels and dirty filters can cause your system to heat or cool inproperly. This results in low efficiency and higher than normal utility bills.

Ensures Safety
Planned maintenance ensures all components are in safe working order. All parts are checked to make sure they are within manufacturer recommendations for amp draw so that electrical parts are replaced before they can cause a major problem. If you have a gas furnace, regular maintenance ensures your heating system has been checked for deadly Carbon Monoxide leaks.

Peace of Mind
In edition to making sure your system is running safely, regular maintenance gives you the peace of mind of knowing your system is going to work properly and efficiently when you need it to. Harsh conditions on the hottest day of summer or the first chill of Fall, you can know that your system is operating at peak performance and efficiency every time.

Complies with Manufacturer Warranty Specifications
Most manufacturers require regular maintenance visits to keep your warranty in effect. 

Sing up for our Mitchell Value Plan, a low cost way to ensure your system is safe, efficient and that you comply with manufacturer standards to keep your warranty intact. Contact a representative to set an appointment for preventative maintenance on your service unit.