With heat waves hitting us across the country, the last thing you want to see when you walk outside is your HVAC lines covered in ice. Freezing within the coils is not normal and means something is wrong. There are a few reasons why your system could be frozen, so keep an eye out for these issues.

Your Air Filter Is Old

If you air filter is old, it might be the right time to replace it. In the summer you may find yourself replacing it more often, especially if you have an older system. Invest in good filters and this may keep your space the right temperature while also extending the life of your system. Once you’ve replaced, verify that air is running properly out of each individual vent.

Coils are Dirty

Your HVAC system is also removing dust, dirt, and pollen from the air while it functions. A dirty air conditioner can actually get frost and condensation to build up on the dust/dirt which exacerbates your issues. Cleaning out your ducts and vents can fix this problem but a professional cleaning can eliminate a lot of issues while boosting your system’s functionality.

Issues with the Blower Fan

A blower is a component of your HVAC system that brings your cold air inside and pushes your hot air outside. If the blower isn’t operating as it should, it tends to feel like your air conditioner isn’t doing anything. It is not uncommon for a blower to experience a slight issue, so calling in a professional to check can actually correct the problem while decreasing your power bill and freezing issues.

System Refrigerant is Low

Just like your car experiences different levels of pressure with oil in the winter versus the summer, so does your HVAC’s system refrigerant. If the refrigerant for your system goes through your coils at a certain temperature, it might actually cause condensation to form on the outside. Keeping your refrigerant at the right level keeps your system at the right temperature.

If you are not sure about your air conditioner’s health, reach out to the professionals at Mitchell Cooling + Heating for assistance. Our team can assess the system and let you know if it is a quick fix or something more serious.