Heating and Air Questions and Answers Auburn, GA

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Answers to All Your Heating and Air Questions Auburn, GA

How do I keep my house cool with a broken AC?

  • Turn on a fan
  • Keep external doors closed
  • Wear light clothing
  • Minimize oven use
  • Stay hydrated

If your AC system is broken give us call! Don’t go one more second without the comfort you and your family deserve.

What would cause my AC not to come on?

There are several reasons an air conditioning system may not come on. If you have an issue with your AC system not coming on check your thermostat for loose or disconnected wires. Wires that are frayed or disconnected will not allow your AC system to turn on. Another issue could be a faulty or broken thermostat. If you look into these two solutions and still have an issue give us a call. We are here to help.

What is the lifespan of a central AC unit?

The typical life of an AC system is 10-15 years. As air conditioning systems age they tend to lose efficiency which causes an increase in electric bills as well as a decrease in your comfort. If your air conditioner is nearing 10 years in age it may be time to consider a replacement. We offer free system replacement estimates to help determine whether your AC system is ready for replacement.

Why is AC maintenance important?

AC maintenance is the key to the longevity of your HVAC system. Regular maintenance helps extend your air conditioner’s life as well as keeps your home comfortable. We recommend semi-annual AC maintenance with a licensed HVAC technician so you stay comfortable in all seasons.

Do you need to service AC every year?

Your AC system needs regular service to operate efficiently. Semi-annual maintenance is the key to extending the life of your air conditioner. Maintenance allows a licensed HVAC technician to keep a record of your AC system and its issues as it ages allowing them to diagnose minor problems before they become major headaches.

What do I do if my AC isn’t blowing cold air?

If your AC system has stopped blowing cold air we recommend turning it off and calling a licensed HVAC professional.. When AC systems stop operating as they should it can be a minor issue that is easy to repair if found and treated right away. From a clogged condenser coil to an electrical wiring issue we have the right HVAC technicians to get your AC system up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

How much is a new AC system?

The cost of a new AC system can vary widely. There are several factors to take into account including:

  • Size of your home
  • SEER of your new system
  • Comfort goals
  • Size of your new AC system

We offer free system replacement estimates to allow you to have a clear picture of what your new AC system will cost before you commit. We also offer HVAC financing options to fit your budget with approved credit.

What does SEER mean in HVAC?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. SEER is the definition of the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Answers To All Your Heating and Air Questions in Auburn, GA

At Mitchell Cooling + Heating we are your local choice for all your heating and air needs in Auburn, GA, and also the surrounding areas. Trust our experience. Call today!

Heating and Air Questions and Answers Auburn, GA