Do you have an accurate picture of the price and value of the goods and appliances in your home? One item homeowners often don’t consider until it is too late is their HVAC system, and with the heat of Atlanta summers, you don’t want to be left without air conditioning. A new system is often more expensive than many customers realize, so if you suspect it may be time for replacement, you may need to prepare and save in advance.

The Cost of Different Brands

Just like every other home appliance, there are different price ranges for customers with varying needs. There are top of the line models that take up less space, work more efficiently, or come with digital features. As is the case with most big purchases, we recommend you do your research. You want to select a brand with a trusted product and good track record.

Ways to Avoid Overspending

By our estimation, a new system ranges from $3000 to $5000 and on average, you can expect to spend $4500 for a full replacement. The price ranges due to a number of factors such as the size of your home, the features you want your AC unit to have, and the layout of your home. A few ways you can avoid overspending on your HVAC system include:

Be aware of the size of the unit you need prior to installation. Too many companies try to get you to install an oversized unit. Not only will this cost you more, it won’t be nearly as efficient for your home! As a general rule, you would replace your equipment with the same size you already have in your residence; however, since the updated minimum standard SEER rating is usually much higher than what you have currently, you will be attaining better efficiency and save on energy bills just by upgrading.

Get an estimate from a trustworthy company. If you are concerned about the price, an estimate for your specific home should give you an approximation of cost. Also, make sure the company has testimonials from others who are satisfied with their service.

If this is the first unit that will be put in a new home, basement or addition, it is recommended that you know where they are going to install it. The placement of your system makes a big difference when you are talking about outdoor exposure to sunlight. Think carefully about placement or your system may need to retire in just a few years.

We are blessed in the south, and specifically in the Atlanta area that we have a relatively low cost of living when compared with other cities. Still, part of the cost of living here with our hot summers includes keeping a working air conditioning unit, and this can be a major expense. So, be sure to include regular preventative maintenance and a plan for the replacement in your budget. Without AC in our summers, you’d find yourself overheating in no time.

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